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Germany is one of the main markets in Europe where the growth of e-commerce is unstoppable. Every year, millions of users discover the best marketplaces in Germany to make their purchases. So maybe you can consider to enter this market to expand your business.

As we already talked about, choosing a marketplace to sell your products in another country is the best choice. However, not all marketplaces offer the same benefits.

Here you can find everything you need to know to choose the best platform for your product. Take note!

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Statistics of Ecommerce in Germany

The Ecommerce statistics in Germany reflect the potential of the German market. It is expected that the number of users buying online will continue to grow and that ecommerce will multiply its income over the years.

Last year, e-commerce in Germany generated around 62 million euros, according to Statista data.

And this number is increasing. Statista estimates that ecommerce in Germany will grow by 8.2% in 2020.

But how old are the buyers? And what do they buy the most?

The German Ecommerce

German ecommerce has experienced a boom. In 2018 revenues increased by three million euros compared to 2017. And 2019 is expected to close with four million euros more than in 2018.

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Regarding the age of the buyersde, in 2017 26% were between 45 and 54 years old. Users between 18 and 24 years old accounted for 12.4% of all buyers.

In 2018 the Germans spent about 19 million euros on electronic products. And, in the same year, they bought around 17 million euros in clothes and accessories.

Discover how to sell online in Germany

As you can see, being part of German ecommerce is an excellent choice. The best way to do this is by selling your product through the best marketplaces in Germany.

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We made a list with the five best marketplaces to sell in this country. Choose the one that best suits your needs, upload your catalog and increase your business.

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If you wantto compete with the best ecommerce sitesin Germany, you will have to use a marketplace with presence. Amazon is oneof the best options.

With just one account you can sell your product in many country in Europe, including Germany. makes it easy for you. The international marketplace has a service that you can hire so that its experts can help you get a German VAT number.

In addition, you have the assurance that you will always receive payments in your currency.

Amazon offers the option to choose the shipping method that you prefer. For example, if you like to personalize each package with a handwritten note, you can take care of the shipping management.

If on the other hand you do not have a lot of time to devote to each order, the platform puts at your disposal its warehouses to store your products there.

In this way, Amazon will be responsible for shipping and inventory management. With this you can reduce the time you invest in each order and focus on improving other points of your e-commerce.

How to sell on

Learn how to sell on with these simple steps:

1. The first thing to do is create a seller account. In about five minutes you can activate it and choose between the Basic or Pro plan.

2. Upload your catalog and create lists with your products. Write a brief and attractive description to arouse curiosity in the reader.

3. Start selling and generating income.

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Important figures

According to Ecommerce News Europe, 27 % of the revenue generated by German ecommerce comes from Amazon. This percentage corresponds to about 10 billion euros in sales.

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Like Amazon, is another important marketplace in Germany. This platform offers sellers different tools that they can use to promote their products.

With eBay marketing tools, for example, you can create campaigns to advertise your items. This tool allows you to monitor the impact of the ad and modify it if you are not generating the objectives you had in mind.

As a seller, you can also use the templates offered by the platform for free to create your store.

How to sell on

If you want to know how to sell on, follow these steps:

1. Create an account on eBay as a private user or as a professional seller. To choose this last option, you will have to enter your company’s data.

2. When you have your professional account ready, you can open a store on eBay. If instead you choose the private seller option, you will have to individually upload the products you want to sell along with a description.

3. To promote your products, eBay recommends that you make offers, using a professional design for your store and taking into account customers’ expectations.

Important figures

In Germany, the category that sells the most on eBay is Home&Garden, occupying 26% of total sales. On the contrary, the least sold is within the Entertainment category, generating 1% in sales.

Keep these numbers in mind if you decide to sell your products through eBay.

Discover the Best Marketplaces to sell in Germany - ShippyPro Blog (7) is the other one of the best marketplaces in Germany together with Amazon and Zalando. Its online catalog, with millions of items for sale, receives thousands of daily visits.

In addition, Otto is a company that looks for the environment. It has a strong sustainability policy to ensure that the production in its factories is carried out in a responsible and respectful manner, both for its employees and for nature.

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Otto requires its partners (external sellers) to have the same commitment to sustainability. In this way, customers can be sure that they are buying from an ethical company.

How to sell on

The process to sell in this marketplace is different. Instead of creating an account and uploading your products, you have to contact them.

To know how to sell on, you will have to send them a message through the contact form. But before doing so, make sure you meet the requirements to sell on this platform.

You should also bear in mind that if you decide to join this marketplace, they will ask you to adapt to their responsability and sustainability policy.

Important figures

Otto has around seven million active users. According to data published on the site, the marketplace generates 10 sales in a second, making it an excellent option to sell your products.

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Through the affiliate program of, sellers will be able to access a market composed of 15 countries. The Zalando catalog is made up of some 2,000 brands and, they are always open to new collaborations.

However, the platform only accepts external sellers who have products in the categories of clothing, sports, accessories and shoes.

So if you offer items within these categories, Zalando can be a great option. Whether you are a company or an individual seller, you can contact them to sell on their platform.

Remember that you will have to provide enough information about the items you want to sell so they can value them.

How to sell on

Before getting in touch with Zalando, you have to know how to sell on and what they expect from you. First, the platform does not accept sellers that do not offer free shipping and returns.

You will also have to manage shipments through DHL and have a return policy of 100 days.

If you meet these requirements and your products are within the categories of Zalando, consider this marketplace a good option for your products.

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Important figures

You can be sure that Zalando is one of the best marketplaces in Germany for its rapid growth. In the first four months of 2019, according to data published on the Zalando website, the company increased its active clients by 14% and its visits by 29%.

The marketplace expects this streak to continue increasing throughout the year.

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Real is a German hypermarket chain that has opened its doors to online sales. This platform lets you upload your catalogs for free and choose the payment method that suits you best.

When you make a sale, will enter the earnings directly into your account. In addition, you can cancel your profile whenever you want.

One of the conditions to sell on this marketplace is to offer a customer service in German.

How to sell on

If you want to benefit from the millions of users who buy in this marketplace you need to know how to sell on You just have to create an account and choose a rate.

For € 39.95 per month you can upload your products to the marketplace and take advantage of the benefits offered by this plan.

The other option, if you already have an online store, is to pay € 49.90 a month to make Real connect the products to your ecommerce.

With both rates you can manage the evolution of your sales with the tools at your disposal.

For example, through your seller account, you can see the reports and statistics of your products. This can help you improve your sales and create new campaigns.

Important figures

Real is considered one of the best marketplaces in Germany because it receives, every month, about 19 million visitors who are interested in buying on this marketplace.

Around 5,000 merchants sell products in its catalog, which has more than 15 million products.

Compete with the best ecommerce sites in Germany

Now that you know how to sell online in Germany, you only have to choose the best platform. Each one, as we have mentioned, offers different benefits that can help you increase the sales of your ecommerce.

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Remember that if to choose one of the best marketplaces in Germany you will have to:

  • Check if they accept the category of your product
  • Be sure that you meet all the requirements that the platform asks for
  • Enter your company data if you decide to open a professional seller account


What products sell well in Germany? ›

The top products and categories for Germany ecommerce buyers include clothing, consumer electronics & telecom, books, & ebooks, shoes and computer/accessories/games/software. Offering products from these categories may help you establish your presence on Germany ecommerce market and give you a headstart.

What is the most popular ecommerce platform in Germany? ›

2.3) Amazon Ecommerce Platform In Germany is the industry leader in Germany, with e-commerce net sales of US$ 16,836 million expected in 2022 with estimated monthly traffic of 434.5 million visits.

What is German equivalent of eBay? ›

Otto is a well-known business name in Germany and is considered the largest domestic alternative to Amazon and eBay. As a result, older German online shoppers, in particular, place their trust in the Otto Group. In addition, it is possible for sellers on the Otto marketplace to sell under their own brand name.

Which online marketplace is best to sell? ›

Top 10 online marketplaces to sell in 2022
  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • Etsy.
  • Allegro.
  • Walmart.
  • Cdiscount.
  • Mercado Libre.
  • Alibaba / Taobao / Tmall.
11 Aug 2022

What sells most in Germany? ›

Popular product categories

Among top products purchased by German online buyers are clothing/footwear, books, home electronics, CDs and films/DVDs.

What do Germans buy most online? ›

Clothing ranked first among products bought online in Germany in 2021, generating 19.27 billion euros in revenue. Consumer electronics and telecommunication products were the next most popular choice for online shoppers.

What is the most popular store in Germany? ›

Turnover generated during 2020 in Million €
2Schwarz (Lidl & Kaufland)45,300
4Aldi (Nord & Süd)28,600
6 more rows

Do Germans use Amazon? ›

Amazon is one of the most prominent players in the market. Its immense popularity in Germany is reflected by the fact that it has a user share of 83%, far ahead of any competition. As such, its customers come from all walks of life. By 2022, the company planned to build eight new logistics buildings in Germany.

How popular is eBay in Germany? › accounted for more than 52 percent of desktop visits to marketplaces, followed by rival with just over 23 percent of visits.

Where can I sell things online in Germany? ›

Fasten your seatbelt!
  • is a combination of high brand awareness and state-of-the-art platform technology. ...
  • Amazon Germany. The well-known sales platform is also available in Germany. ...
  • Yatego. Yatego is often called an online shopping mall. ...
  • Etsy Germany. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Zalando. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • eBay Kleinzeigen.

What is the German version of Etsy? › Formally known as Hitmeister, is one of the leading sites in Germany, selling everything from electronics, right through to clothing, accessories and DIY products.

What is the German version of Amazon? › deutschland.

What is the easiest marketplace to sell on? ›

If this sounds interesting to you, here's what you can do to build your own website from scratch.
  • Shopify. Shopify is the easiest and most reputable way to create your own store. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Handshake. ...
  • Bonanza. ...
  • Ruby Lane. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Chairish.
2 May 2022

What is the easiest platform to sell online? ›

Sell on marketplaces
  • Amazon. Amazon is undoubtedly a reliable and go-to website that attracts more than 20.6 million people each month. ...
  • Bonanza. This Seattle-based company is a relatively new face in the E-commerce world; however, it's doing incredibly well. ...
  • Chairish. ...
  • Craigslist. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • 9. Facebook Marketplace. ...
  • Nextdoor.
1 Oct 2022

Who is the largest online seller? › is leading the global e-commerce market, with a revenue of US$131,019 million in 2021 worldwide, followed by with US$118,515 million. Third place is taken by with a revenue of US$51,950 million.

What do German people buy? ›

In 2021, 41 percent of German consumers mainly bought clothing online instead of offline, making it one of the leading product categories for online shopping. Other leading categories included books, films, music and games; consumer electronics and shoes.

How can I get products from Germany? ›

Our guide to importing from Germany will outline the key steps in making the process as easy and stress free as possible.
  1. Ensure Desired Goods Are Permitted Into Your Country. ...
  2. Find Your Supplier And Place Your Order. ...
  3. Gather The Necessary Paperwork. ...
  4. Pay For Your Goods. ...
  5. Arrange The Transport Of Your Goods. ...
  6. Obtain Your Shipment.
13 May 2019

Where can I sell handmade items in Germany? ›

Kart, weDIY is an online community marketplace for creative designers or sellers in Germany to market their unique handmade items directly to the consumer. There are separate storefronts for individual sellers to personalize and list/sell their handcrafted items in the marketplace.

Do people shop online in Germany? ›

Online shopping is omnipresent and part of our everyday life in Germany. 94 percent of all Internet users shop online which equals about 55 million German citizens. 66 percent of retailers sell their products both stationary and online – 25 percent exclusively stationary and 6 percent exclusively online.

How many people shop online in Germany? ›

As of July 2013 it's estimated 81.1 million people live in Germany, of which 42% is between 25 and 54 years old.
Ecommerce in Germany.
– % internet users85%
Online sales€83.3 billion (2020)
Online stores worth mentioning:Otto, Zalando, Mediamarkt
1 more row

What are the major imports of Germany? ›

Imports The top imports of Germany are Cars ($68.9B), Motor vehicles; parts and accessories (8701 to 8705) ($36B), Packaged Medicaments ($32.2B), Broadcasting Equipment ($28.7B), and Vaccines, blood, antisera, toxins and cultures ($25.5B), importing mostly from China ($112B), Netherlands ($105B), Poland ($73.1B), ...

Which brands are cheap in Germany? ›

15 Affordable And Ethical Clothing Brands From Germany
  • Hessnatur. Category: Basics, denim, underwear, loungewear, activewear, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, bags, accessories. ...
  • Living Crafts. ...
  • Bleed Clothing. ...
  • Green Shirts. ...
  • Embassy of Bricks and Logs. ...
  • Sense Organics. ...
  • Grüne Erde.

What is Germany famous for shopping? ›

1. Schildergasse, Cologne. Considered to be the busiest shopping street in Europe, Cologne's Schildergasse has a long history that dates back to ancient Roman times. Today it is amongst the best places for shopping in Germany with major department stores and fashion outlets like Galeria Kaufhof, Zara, H&M, etc.

How much is sales tax in Germany? ›

Proceeds of sales and services effected in Germany are subject to VAT under the common system of the European Union at the standard rate of 19% (7% on certain items, such as food and books).

Is Amazon Germany cheaper? ›

Amazon Germany ( is the second-largest Amazon store in Europe (only Amazon UK is bigger), and it's often the cheapest Amazon store as well. It's not only popular with shoppers in Germany and other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland, but also from other European countries like Portugal.

Can I ship Amazon to Germany? ›

We ship products internationally with AmazonGlobal. Available product lines, shipping rates, and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order. To learn how to search and browse items that are eligible for international shipping, go to Search for Items Eligible for International Shipping.

How big is Amazon Germany? › is the industry leader with a net turnover of 13.9 billion euros.
Top 10 biggest online stores in Germany.
NameTurnover in 2020 (in million euros)
9 more rows
25 Oct 2021

Does Germany have Etsy? ›

Etsy Germany GmbH. This is Etsy's Berlin office account for purchases! We buy things for our collection of European Etsy artwork, for events and for press requests, yay.

Is there Facebook marketplace in Germany? ›

Facebook Marketplace will be available in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Is eBay big in Europe? ›

eBay is the second largest online marketplace in Europe, but with only 37% of Amazon's European traffic. Despite early popularity in Europe, eBay is significantly behind Amazon in every major country. The first surprise in the list, for those not familiar with European ecommerce, is Polish marketplace Allegro.

Is Depop popular in Germany? ›

In our home market of Germany, Depop continues to be a niche player. Berlin-based app analytics tool Priori Data estimates that the app has only been downloaded 244,000 times thus far, lagging far behind another second-hand fashion app “Vinted” and its (according to Priori estimates) 6.7 million downloads.

What is the equivalent of Gumtree in Germany? ›

Answer: is the most popular Classifieds website in Germany in September 2022.

How do I sell at Berlin flea market? ›

If you want to sell something yourself, you have to register in advance for the flea market and rent a stall there. To do this, you usually have to contact the person who organises the flea market a few weeks in advance. You can find the contact details of the organiser in the flea market ad.

Is Etsy big in Germany? ›

Etsy, the American e-commerce online platform was founded in 2005 and since then has established itself on the German market. Today, it's probably the largest online marketplace for designers, artists and collectors.

Do Europeans use Etsy? ›

Similarly, while Etsy has buyers (and sellers) all over the world, the marketplace is more popular in some countries than others. Some 30% of Etsy sellers are based in the UK; another 11% in Canada. Other European countries—including Germany, France, and Italy—make the shortlist.

Why is Etsy in German? ›

The language that your Etsy app displays is based on your device's country settings.

Can I use my US Amazon account in Germany? ›

The short answer is yes. You can. But that doesn't mean that every item can go anywhere in the world - there's no guarantee the item you want is available for shipping to your location. The best thing to do is to check the item itself.

How do I get to the German Amazon? ›

Amazon Germany is a multilingual site that's not only available in German, but also in other languages like English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish and Czech. To change the default language from German into any of the other languages, simply head to and click on the globe that's located just below the search box.

What is Europe's Amazon? ›

The Danube Delta is Europe's unrivalled wetland. 'Europe's Amazon' takes us through the vast network of wetland and channels in this 580,000-hectare delta.

What product is Germany most well known for producing? ›

The main German export product: motor vehicles

Accounting for 15.3% motor vehicles and parts thereof of exports, was Germany's main export product in 2021. Machinery (14.2%) and chemical products (10.0%) ranked second and third, respectively, among the most important export items.

What is Germany known for producing? ›

Germany's principal industries include machine building, automobiles, electrical engineering and electronics, chemicals, and food processing. Automobile manufacturing is concentrated in Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony, Hessen, North Rhine–Westphalia, Bavaria, the Saarland, and Thuringia.

What kind of products does Germany produce? ›

Top 10
  • Machinery including computers: US$268.6 billion (16.5% of total exports)
  • Vehicles: $246 billion (15.1%)
  • Electrical machinery, equipment: $176.4 billion (10.8%)
  • Pharmaceuticals: $118 billion (7.3%)
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $83.8 billion (5.2%)
  • Plastics, plastic articles: $76.3 billion (4.7%)
16 Mar 2022

What product does Germany need? ›

In July 2022 the top imports of Germany were Petroleum oil and petroleum gases (€12.7B), Pharmaceutical products (€6.9B), Machinery for electricity production, distribution (€5.8B), Estimations for non-response (€5.63B), and Motor cars and motor caravans (€4.42B).

What industries are strong in Germany? ›

Economy of Germany
Main industriesIron steel coal cement chemicals machinery vehicles machine tools electronics automobiles food and beverages shipbuilding textiles
Ease-of-doing-business rank22nd (very easy, 2020)
Exports$1.62 trillion (2021)
39 more rows

What are 3 major industries in Germany? ›

Germany's most important industries

4 sectors dominate industry in Germany: the automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical and electrical industries. The global players are Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW (all automotive), BASF (chemical) and Siemens (electrical).

Which industry is best in Germany? ›

Industrial Production

Germany is the world's leading machinery and equipment manufacturer and the preferred location for investors looking to produce in Europe. It is also Europe' top location for electronics or chemical production.

What are the top 5 industries in Germany? ›

What Are The Biggest Industries In Germany?
  • Machinery, Automotive, And Aviation Industry. ...
  • Chemical And Medical Industry. ...
  • Consumer And Service Industries. ...
  • Energy And Environmental Technology Industry. ...
  • Electronics And ICT Industry.
21 Jun 2018

What brands are cheap in Germany? ›

15 Affordable And Ethical Clothing Brands From Germany
  • Hessnatur. Category: Basics, denim, underwear, loungewear, activewear, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, bags, accessories. ...
  • Living Crafts. ...
  • Bleed Clothing. ...
  • Green Shirts. ...
  • Embassy of Bricks and Logs. ...
  • Sense Organics. ...
  • Grüne Erde.

What is Germany's top import? ›

Top 10 Import Goods
HS CodeImport USD$
(85) Electrical Machinery$152,643,757,900
(87) Motor Vehicles & Parts$138,164,912,168
(27) Oil & Mineral Fuels$108,899,822,886
(30) Pharmaceuticals$59,494,798,332
6 more rows

What Germany needs to import? ›

Germany's imports are mainly based on petroleum, cars and vehicle parts. Germany's most imported product is petroleum under different forms: crude, refined or gas and it constitutes almost 14% of the country's total imports. Then Germany's imports focus on vehicles and vehicle parts that together occupy almost 7%.

How can a foreigner start a business in Germany? ›

  1. Step 1: Register your address. In Germany, you must register your address every time you move. ...
  2. Step 2: Open a bank account. ...
  3. Step 3: Find a tax advisor. ...
  4. Step 4: Freiberufler or a Gewerbe? ...
  5. Step 5: Get a trade licence. ...
  6. Step 6: Register with the Finanzamt. ...
  7. Step 7: Get a residence permit. ...
  8. Step 8: Tell your health insurer.


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